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    Wow! She's Psycho!
    I used to have a girlfriend like that... Note USED to LOL
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    Knew a co-worker that got into a shouting match with the wife while in the car. He slammed on the brakes, slid to a stop in the middle of an intersection and got out and started walking.

    Problem is, he out of habit took the keys out of the ignition and now the car is blocking a major intersection.

    So the cops show up, the wife explains why the car is in the middle of the intersection and though no charges were filed he got to pay for the tow and impoundment fees.
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    If that whole thing wasn't staged, My next stop would be at the attorney’s office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Diealotz View Post
    Wow! She's Psycho!
    I used to have a girlfriend like that... Note USED to LOL
    I used to have a wife like that! She lasted about 3 months.
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  6. According to research conducted on borderline personality disorder, 85% of the women out there have this disorder. Racial thinking is lost on them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimTh View Post
    I got you all beat. The only reason we have ARs in the house is because my wife wanted one or two. She knows how to gut a fish by sticking her finger down the fisheeees throat nd pulling the guts out through the mouth.
    Oh wow - does your wife have a sister? Lucky dog!

    I thought my wife had issues on occasion, but the woman in that video is PSYCHO CRAZY!
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    I'm a really lucky guy, been married for over 41 years and my wife knows when to pick her battles and for the most part, when she does it's correct and it's never to this level, thank God, like I said I'm a lucky guy.
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    I believe it may be closer to 100% of women have this disorder. Hard to fix the problem when society coddles women and conditions them to act like morons. My mother in law is like this. When I see her car in my driveway, I lock the door and sneak out the back and get in the truck while she freaks out about the dog. She is extremely racist and calls my black lab a n-dog while holding her biracial grandchildren.

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    WOW! I mean just frickin' WOW!
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    Howdy Fishhunter,

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishhunter911 View Post
    Cinder-block and rope, problem resolved
    Think again.

    After a couple of days the body will become bloated and will float to the surface.

    If you use enough cinder blocks to keep this from happening that body will start decaying, break apart and float to the surface ( remember Scott Peterson? ).

    What you have to do is wrap the body in 1" mesh chicken wire ( the type you would use on a chicken coop/pen ), secure the wire together with plastic cable ties ( zip ties ) and use a heavy plastic chain connected to cinder blocks for ballast.

    To prevent the body from becoming bloated you must puncture the abdominal cavity several times ( a crossbow bolt w/ a broadhead tip works great! ) so the gas from decomposing can escape from the body.

    A body "disposed" in this manner in deep water will slowly decay, be eaten by fish and by the time that the chicken wire has rusted away the only thing that will remain of the body will be bones that have slowly dropped to the floor of the body of water never to be found.


    DISCLAIMER: This was posted as a joke! REPEAT: This was posted as a joke. Do NOT attempt this at home. It should only be done by a professional hitman.
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