"This guy is a f'ng mall cop." -Jay Z- (On Zimmerman)
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Thread: "This guy is a f'ng mall cop." -Jay Z- (On Zimmerman)

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    Thumbs down "This guy is a f'ng mall cop." -Jay Z- (On Zimmerman)

    Jay Z broke his silence on George Zimmerman's acquittal for killing teenager Trayvon Martin, saying it made him "really angry," but that he hopes the law that exonerated Zimmerman will soon change.

    "We all know it was wrong. It was wrong," Jay Z said of the verdict. "I was really angry, I didn't sleep for two days."

    Jay Z on George Zimmerman verdict: 'This guy is a f---ing mall cop' - MSN Music News
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    opinions are like a-holes...everyone has one and they usually stink. We have a justice system. It's his opinion...and since he isn't party to the case, his opinion isn't relevant to that case. How is TM standing his ground (self-defense, no duty to retreat) when he goes after and assaults Zimmerman just for following him? Technically, Zimmerman was in his gated community, which he had a right to be in, and TM was trespassing. So, no Zimmerman did not need to retreat. Before JZ starts pointing fingers, he needs to worry about cleaning up his own house. How about dealing with black on black crime in the inner cities and hoods, and how these young thugs act? No one wanted to bring out TM's skeletons....noooo they wanted to use pictures of when he was 12.... How about it JZ?

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    From the mouth of a no talent, non authority, rapper... lol

    Your a rapper J Z, not a professional.

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    He wants self defense rights and laws changed?

    Thugs and criminals will sing and rejoice! Hallelujah!!!!!
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    All this from a guy that pays an army of guys to protect him and his family
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  7. Was it not determined that TM was visiting his father who lived there and was therefore a guest and not trespassing?
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    I believe he was visiting his dads fiancee. His dad still lives in the Miami area.

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    Jay Z's not going to be popular with mall cops.
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