Ammo is getting scarce!

This morning I lucked out and was able to buy two boxes of ammo.

The Lighter Side of the Ammo Shortage-cid_7177eb2ff4ec46949d2a0af004875671-delmerpc.jpg

I placed the boxes on the front seat and headed back home, but stopped at a gas station where a drop-dead gorgeous blonde in a short skirt was filling up her car at the next pump.

The Lighter Side of the Ammo Shortage-cid_7905fa05a9344156a20597bcb2ec81a7-delmerpc.jpg

She glanced at the two boxes of ammo, bent over and leaned in my passenger window, and said in a sexy voice, "I'm a big believer in barter, old fella. Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?"

I thought for a few seconds and asked,

"What kind of ammo 'ya got?"

The Lighter Side of the Ammo Shortage-cid_963cdc6baacf419c819707bdb50d0231-delmerpc.jpg