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    Home Invasion Commericals

    Think about this for a minute,
    Is it racist that every person in home security system commercials is a white guy, I mean; I’ve never seen a black person in anyone so far, yet the percentage of blacks that invade homes is around 56%, whites 33%, Others 11%.
    I think the Political correctness in this area is biased to the extreme.
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    What is even more misleading about these is that an alarm system is going to make the bg run away like a scared rabbit, when in fact they know they have 5 minutes minimum (a long time if you are the victim) to attack and rob the homeowner.

    Nothing about these commercials is accurate other than they do sound the alarm to wake the homeowner, and to call the police if you happen to not be home.
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    It isn't just in home security commercials, it's in most all programming and it's "in your face" propaganda. One could write a fricken book full of examples.

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