Criminals Really Are This Dumb
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Thread: Criminals Really Are This Dumb

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    Criminals Really Are This Dumb

    Criminals Really Are This Dumb

    Every gun lover at one time or another has heard or said in defense of concealed carry, “You never see anyone try to break into a gun shop or gun show”. Now thanks to this moron, we actually have proof of what would happen.

    See Why Here:
    Criminals Really Are This Dumb | Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
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    I saw this story earlier. He should definitely be considered for a Darwin Award even though he lived.

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    This was already posted. And people try to break into gun shops all the time. They even try to hold them up from time to time, just not with baseball bats.
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    At my LGS, everyone (including customers) are usually armed... including the guys drinking coffee in the back. I pity the fool who'd try to rob that place. It would look like the Glock commercial where the BG tries to rob the diner full of cops.
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  6. Most criminals are stupid. What we see in movies is a rarity in real life. Most criminals rarely plan beyond the basics. So yes this guy was dumber than the baseball bat he used.

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