Random Range Rovers?
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  1. Random Range Rovers?

    So I've noticed these around our town here in upstate SC. There's 3 white Range Rover Evoques that follow each other all over town. I see them all the time on the highway over on my side of town, and then they'll follow each other onto the interstate and get off at the other side of town and work their way back. They don't look to be any political figures because it is only one person in each vehicle. I think one of them appeared to be right hand steer. They've been doing this for the past couple weeks. I can't figure out what they would be doing? Anybody ever noticed a random group of Range Rovers roaming your town? And no, I don't think there is a Range Rover factory anywhere remotely near here.

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    Back in the early 90s there were three black guys that lived in Co Springs , in the same house that each drove matching red corvettes. I always assumed they were dealers they used to convoy all over town. maybe they traded in their 'vettes for range rovers
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    Test rides from a dealer? You check out your local lots? Right hand steer...?

    Ahhhh! The Brits are back!!!
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    Random Range Rovers?

    Maybe Top Gear is doing a bit?
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  6. It's been going on for 2-3 weeks now...

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