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    The politically incorrect TRUTH

    The politically incorrect TRUTH
    Fm: US Government Statistics
    The politically incorrect TRUTH: The average IQ of black adults in this country is just above the retardation level. In the US, the average African American has a mean score of 85, is at the very bottom of the cognitive deck. Blacks find themselves disproportionately represented among the ranks of the retarded. Though IQ scores have been rising worldwide for decades, the cognitive distance between blacks and whites has remained remarkably constant.
    The major problems confronting a large segment of the black community have little or absolutely nothing to do with racism -- problems such as unprecedented illegitimacy, family breakdown, fraudulent education, crime and rampant social pathology. If all white people became angels tomorrow, it would do absolutely NOTHING to solve problems that can only be solved by the black community.
    -- Over 50 percent of inner city black men between the ages of 16 and 62 are unemployed
    -- 70% of prisoners in the United States are non-whites
    -- Well over half of all abortions performed in America are performed on single black women
    -- Black women are more than 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely
    -- 40% of blacks are on welfare
    -- Illegitimacy rate among blacks is a staggering 72.5%
    -- More than a third of California's black public high school students dropped out before graduation day
    -- Approximately 100,000 black males drop out of high school each year
    -- Per capita there are 7x more murders committed by blacks than whites
    -- According to that 2009 crime report put together by the Chicago Police Department, Black people are responsible for 75 percent of the murder; 66 percent of the criminal assaults; 57 percent of the robbery; 65 percent of the aggravated assault; and 73 percent of the aggravated battery, for a whopping 64 percent of the total violent crime. All this despite Blacks only constitute 32.4 percent of the population
    -- (Chicago 2005) Victims of gang-related murders: 70% African American, 26% Hispanic, 3% white; 93% male. Offenders in gang-related murders: 76% African American, 20% Hispanic, 3% white; 99% male. Victims of domestic-related murders: 79% African American, 10% Hispanic, 11% white. Victims of armed robbery—related murders: 68% African American, 13% Hispanic, 19% white, 89% male. Offenders in armed robbery—related murders: 87% African American, 9% Hispanic, 4% white; 93% male
    I'm not a bigot...these are simply the FACTS.
    The only easy day was yesterday
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    Liberals must have low information voters and protected groups to stay in power. They also need well educated voters that feel guilty because of the sins of our white ancestors. Without the emotional guilt of rich liberals the democrat party wouldn't have the money they require to run for office.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Where are these facts coming from?
    ...SCOTUS says we're right...You don't like it. I'm sorry you don't like it. I guess that's a problem for you. Some people don't like gays. Some don't like alcohol. Some don't like meat. ~michaelzwilliamson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallstones View Post
    Where are these facts coming from?

    Status and Trends in the Education of Blacks

    Race - Black Population - People and Households - U.S. Census …
    Census Bureau Homepage › … › Race Main › Data › Current Population Survey

    Statistics of incarcerated African-American males
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    FASTSTATS - Health of Black or African American Population
    FASTSTATS - Health of Black or African American Population

    Welfare Statistics | Statistic Brain

    Black on Black Crime Coalition - Center for Healing Hearts and …
    Black on Black Crime Coalition
    BLACK ON BLACK CRIME STATISTICS. ... murder cost the United States almost $263 billion—nearly as much the federal government annually spends on Medicaid

    Table A-2. Employment status of the civilian population by race ...
    Table A-2. Employment status of the civilian population by race, sex, and age
    BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICAN. ... U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ...
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Any other questions Gallstones?????????
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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