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    The only time the key is in the ignition is when I'm in the car. Or someone else is.

    Your additions apply here as well, although I rarely open carry, even though it's legal. I prefer the element of surprise.

    I also don't carry a *man purse*.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nontechguy View Post
    Unfortunately many new cars, mine included, automatically unlock all 4 doors when you put it in park, and you can't lock the doors if any door is open with the key in the ignition.

    I guess they wanted the cars to be "smarter". I personally consider that a safety hazard.
    When I step out of my car, I take my keys with me and use the door lock to lock all. Since I am single it is rare that anyone is in the car with me. If I have to go into the convenience store such as to pick up the receipt that would not print out, I hit door lock again.
    ----I don't know how often you watch others pumping gas. It is surprising how many I see watching the pump the entire time. Or, even though electronic devices are to be turned off, I see many people talking on their cell phones, staring into space, or listening to ipods. No way would the car moving slightly or door silently closed be noticed by these zombies. I guess it just points out that those of us on this post tend to be past the spaced out age and use a little more common sense.
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