UNDER SIEGE: Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX
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Thread: UNDER SIEGE: Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX

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    UNDER SIEGE: Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX

    Now, even ABC News, a liberal propaganda arm of the Obama Regime, is letting some of the truth slip out. We are being invaded by a Third World Cesspool called Mexico...and Obama WANTS it to happen:

    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Very Good Post! I will repost the link to try to get it live.

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    Have the people in this country been dumbed down this much.
    This is Obama's fathers' dream of "social justice" get used to it.

    they say the magic words and we put them in hotels
    Loophole: People are being told to use "key words" to cross

    This is why Schumer and Zuckerburg are ginning up the immigration bill. They knew about this loophole.
    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

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    We know that former sec labor Solis did everything in her power to give illegals access to every benefit she could obtain for them, going so far as to help the Mexican gov't set up an offshore clearinghouse to provide semi-official documents (called matricula consular, which is only intended to verify the Mexican citizenship of the card carrier and carries no legal weight to establish proof of legal presence in the US) that the government would then accept as proof of legal presence in the US. She has maintained close ties with the Mexican nationalist group, la Raza (the Race), and was given Mexico's highest award for her work while she was still sec labor. Although she resigned in January, there is no reason to believe her work has stopped; she is the most likely source of insider information.

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