Now that the US government has "no-fly" lists, seizes library records without warrants, can deport and strip Americans of their citizenships, can indefinitely detain Americans without trials, can torture Americans, is using "kill lists" to kill Americans, has outlawed protesting, is using drones, is using the the TSA to control domestic travel, is searching emails/phone calls/mail without warrants, is tracking Internet use, has seatbelt/DUI/drug checkpoints, has militarized police, is proposing an Internet "kill switch", is blocking websites, is censoring the web, is enacting new gun laws, is collecting DNA of suspects, is using secret courts to ignore the Constitution, is spying on reporters, is harassing protestors, and seizing property, does anyone think the USA is still a free country? What kind of example are we sending to countries like North Korea and China? Why even bother having a Bill of Rights anymore? Americans will soon find that government travel permits are required to travel, books burned, curfews enacted, national photo ID cards required to be carried by citizens at all times, elections canceled, guns banned, citizens forced to be implanted with microchips, slave concentration camps opened, borders closed, private property banned, the government seizing the media, churches outlawed, and Americans executed. Wake up, people. This is no joke. What used to be a conspiracy theory has now become a fact. We are now living in military nanny Socialist police state. Does anyone care? Are we just going to roll over and give up? Where is the outrage? What good will money do if we have no freedom? Now you can understand how Germans felt in 1932. The USA has never been 100% free, but I don't know of any time in our history where we have had so many our rights assaulted so quickly. Maybe I am naive, but I believed my teachers when they said the US is a free country. Something very sinister is going on now and a person would have to blind not to see it. I am not the type of person who gets worked up easily, but I am so upset about recent trends that I cannot sleep. I saw the 2008 financial crisis coming and said nothing. Now I don't want to regret staying silent while I watch the US rapidly turn into a dictatorship. While I'm taking a risk by complaining about the totalitarian direction our country is taking, if I inspire one person to think, contact a newspaper or an elected official, talk to friend, protest, or even feel slightly uncomfortable, my effort has not been wasted. Obama and Bush supporters will try to minimize or excuse their support of Unconstitutional laws, but how can anyone justify the execution of Americans without trial, torture of Americans, indefinite detention of Americans without trial, gun regulations, searches without warrants, and outlawing free speech? Does anyone truly believe Bush and Obama have done everything in their power to keep their oath to uphold the Constitution? These laws affect everyone, not just brown Muslims. At point will Americans say, "Enough!"? I don't understand why so many people are willing to trade all of their rights for a small chance of more security. Thousands of Americans did not die fighting for freedom and democracy in wars to have liberty denied in the USA. Do not let their sacrifice go to waste.,4692215.story