History is repeating itself again
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Thread: History is repeating itself again

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    History is repeating itself again

    History is repeating itself again, just prior to WW2 when Germany wanted to attack Poland, Hitler had some German troops disguise themselves as Polish troops and fire on a German radio station and with that it gave Hitler an excuse to attack Poland. Sure sounds failure where it comes to the gas attack in Syria doesnĺt it, with the rebels having lunched the gas attack and then blaming it on Assadĺs military in Syria, only this time the rebels wanted the US to attack Syria. Remember, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
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    The Gulf of Tonkin...
    Pearl Harbor(?)...
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    it's called a false flag attack and some are thinking the gas attacks in syria are false flag attacks

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    Quote Originally Posted by K7lvo View Post
    The Gulf of Tonkin...
    Pearl Harbor(?)...
    You left a few out,
    The USS Liberty
    The Spanish American War, The Maine
    The Reichstag Fire
    The Gleiwitz Incident
    Operation Northwoods, Although this plan was never carried out the thought that our own government conceived this plan should send chills down our backs.
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