Why the Gereation Y are unhappy
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Thread: Why the Gereation Y are unhappy

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    Why the Gereation Y are unhappy

    Got this from tuckersmom. Hopefully, the liberals will know where their unhappiness is coming from... LOL

    Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy | Wait But Why
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    fuhr52: This is a good summation of Generation Y. You said you got this from Tucker'sMom. Haven't seen her on here for over a year. Hope all is well for her.

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    Hmm, I seemed to have missed all that... I had absolutely no expectations and was quite positive I wasn't remotely special... Besides missing my husband, I'm pretty darn happy with life!

    Did notice lots of the younger people coming in to the Navy just before I left were very entitled and expected everything to be handed to them, though. My husband tells me that's still quite the issue. Poor kids... the real world is quite the shock!
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