Watch] Marxist Takeover of America – Special Forces Lt Gen Boykin – It’s Happening No
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Thread: Watch] Marxist Takeover of America – Special Forces Lt Gen Boykin – It’s Happening No

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    Watch] Marxist Takeover of America – Special Forces Lt Gen Boykin – It’s Happening No

    [Watch] Marxist Takeover of America – Special Forces Lt Gen Boykin – It’s Happening Now

    The Marxist Model as described by Special Forces Lt. Gen. W.G. Boykin warns of engineered economic collapse, martial law, and dictatorship. He details the enemy’s six part plan which has been used in other countries when they were taken over and which is currently evident in the United States.

    [Watch] Marxist Takeover of America - Special Forces Lt Gen Boykin - It's Happening Now - The Free Patriot

    An education into the histories of these very real threats were part of the Lt. General’s training and he shares his concern for the future of America. The six points in this video presentation are briefly summarized below:
    1) Nationalize major sectors of economy, which he says was initiated during the fabricated bail outs and which continue in various forms in the months and years since.

    2) Redistribution of Wealth, through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and other means.

    3) Discredit their opposition, in particular a reference to a DHS memorandum sent to law enforcement all over the u.s., which recognized future threats as right wing Christian groups, pro-life groups, second amendment groups and returning veterans, but never mentioned Islamic terrorists. The General points out how this is discrediting the opposition, the very groups which would stand up and protest the things which they see happening in our country

    4 Censorship – Hate crime legislation is targeting pastors so they don’t speak out regarding homosexuality or Islam and the dangers Islam represents to America. Censorship of grass roots America and the clergy.

    5 Gun Ownership control or elimination, a key in tyrannies of the past, being installed through the U.N. small arms treaty.

    6 Develop a Constabulary Force to Control the Population, As in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia under Stalin, or China under Mao. Language to accomplish this was included in Obamacare, “Commissioning of officers, in times of a national crisis, to work directly for the president, laying the ground work for a constabulary force which will control the population in America.”

    Below is Hussein Obama campaigning for our “civilian national defense force.”

    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    "WE" need? I don't need a civilian national security force. Do you need one?
    I'm perfectly happy with what we've got. I just think most of them need to be stationed along the southern border instead of all over the world.
    What he's talking about is supposedly armies who have no problem with shooting Americans where most of our troops would find that to be a problem.
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  4. Boykin is an idiot. He, like the equally challenged and similarly-motivated Klinginshmitt, is incapable of rational thought.

  5. Nosreme, isn't that point number 3?

    Quote Originally Posted by nosreme View Post
    Boykin is an idiot. He, like the equally challenged and similarly-motivated Klinginshmitt, is incapable of rational thought.

    “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe."
    Luke 11:21

  6. It's going to led to Chaos.

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    I would rather it lead to chaos than slavery....
    A man must do what he has to do, ain't none of us getting out of this alive....I have it from a reliable source....
    There can be no love without pain; to show you the value of love......

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    Out of chaos comes the New World Order/One World Government. All are Signs of the End of the Age & This Last Generation. The timing certainly can't get much better.

    "The Further A Society Drifts From The Truth The More It Will Hate Those Who Speak It".
    ~ George Orwell
    ~ HEAVEN Has A Wall And A Strict Immigration Policy - HELL Has Open Borders ~

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    If all of them are shot dead, poisoned, set-afire, blown up or killed by inculcated diseases, who's going to be left to enslave us, hmm? We AINT outnumbered, (not by a long shot) and they are WELL proven to be cowards and incompetents. Just look at WACO. 4 killed, 12 wounded and 80 RAN. There's less than a million cops and less than a million active duty guys in the states, so they are outnumbered by a factor of 30 to 1, and they'll have to guard a lot of places 24-7, with multiple guards. Any place you need a 24-7 guard, that ties up 4-5 men.

    Most of the 1 million NG and active reserve wouldn't answer the call. If they declare martial law, the $100 bill will be toilet tissue. So how will they pay their thugs, and who would risk their lives for FREE, hmmm? Who will be guarding the dependents of the thugs while they attack US, hmm? :-) They have to LOOK for us, we are free to move and they are not. We KNOW WHERE TO FIND THEM, so why WAIT, hmm? If they start grabbing guns, take the fight to them FIRST. If they were capable of this, they'd have done it long ago. Their leaders do not want to have to sleep in concrete, underground bunkers, while wearing gas masks, nor have to ride around in tanks, following mine sweepers.

    There's literally a million books in print showing how to make and mount effective silencers to guns. Lay for the thugs, and be sure to aim carefully for the head or the hip joint. This is especially true if all you have is a .22lr. Disrupting the power, fuel, water, RR, trucking and food supply is easily done. With the economy collapsed, HOW will they pay for their thugs and supplies for same, hmm? Fires will rampage thru cities once the Fire department isn't being paid and the water supply is shut down. They aint stupid. They do NOT want to start this. There is no "head" of OUR organization to cut off. We LIVE here and if they DO shut down our communications, the economy will be gone with it.

    If YOU were a farmer or trucker, and chaos was the order of the day, would YOU waste seed money or fuel on planting or hauling stuff for which you would not be paid? see? nobody else will either. We aint ignorant, unarmed, no-transport peasants, like the Germans, Russians and Chinese were! We have boats, motorcycles, ultralight planes, the Net. All it takes is to spread the word what to do. The ones who need someone to hold their little hands aint going to squash a grape in resistance. The real patriots will act alone, so as to eliminate the risk of being snitched out, (either under torture or for rewards).

    Ever heard of caltrops? 4 pointed thing, like a pyramid, any way you drop it, it's got a point sticking up. Easily made of 2 pcs of welded tubing, can be dropped by the boxful off of overheads, at dusk. EACH tire on a big truck costs $400, guys. If you were a trucker, would you risk a load of perishable food, and $7000 worth of tires? Or would you just refuse to drive? Know how easy it is to derail trains? HOW would you guard a RR trestle? Can't just put a man at either end. He'd just be silently brained, from 100m away, at night and the demolition work done any way! You'd have to have at least 3 men at each end of the trestle. If the bridge is more than 200m long, you'd need 3 more men out in the middle of that RR bridge.

    If barges are cut loose in the night (after silenced .22 rifles brain the sentries) They make a REAL mess in the rivers, guys. A supertanker or 2, sunk just as it's due to offload their cargo of oil, make a BIG mess on the shore, correct? Not so hard to do, with a Cigarette boat full of homemade plastique, or with strings of plastic drums, strung together and submerged. :-) What happens to the price of insurance on said ships, and the price of oil, hmm?

    Microwave towers are easily toppled. Propane tanks, power transformers and water towers are easily shot holes in, too. The transformer cases are full of oil. That oil is necessary to prevent short circuiting. when it leaks out, the transformers MELT.

    Ever heard of "invisible fence" dog shock collar. ? big dogs are easily trained to feel terrified if they arenot in their kennels, the back of their owner's van, or under the gastak of enemy vehicles. You don't need a lot of a certain explosive to detonate (not just set afire) a gas tank, guys.

    A mere 1000 men, who know what to do, scattered across the US randomly striking, can make foreigners not want to buy US bonds anymore. Just THAT would collapse the economy. If Big Bro wants a piece of us, bring it on! We'll SEE who's still standing next year.

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    You've been planning this for awhile now, haven't you? I'm glad you've got it all figured out, now I don't have to worry about it.
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