The Best Example Yet of “Better Than You” Gun Control Hypocrisy
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Thread: The Best Example Yet of “Better Than You” Gun Control Hypocrisy

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    The Best Example Yet of “Better Than You” Gun Control Hypocrisy

    By: Bob Owens

    San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith is facing years in prison for the possession of so-called assault weapons in a jurisdiction where they have been made illegal.

    49ers linebacker Aldon Smith threw a house party in June 2012, and in the aftermath of that, two separate people have sued Smith claiming they were shot at the same party where Smith was stabbed.

    On Wednesday, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office confirmed that it had filed three felony charges of possession of an assault weapon against Smith. The news first was reported by NBC Bay Area.

    The DA’s office said that Smith is expected to surrender later this month. If convicted, Smith could face up to four years and four months in jail.

    San Francisco Senator Dianne Feinstein conspired with Washington, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lainer, Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey, Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer and a raft of lobbyists to bring assault weapons into a jurisdiction where they have been made illegal.

    Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier seems to think that gun-control laws don’t apply to the liberal elite. The police chief helped Sen. Dianne Feinstein acquire “assault weapons,” which are illegal to possess in the District, for a news conference early this year to promote a ban on these firearms, then tried to cover up the police involvement.

    Dianne Feinstein with gun

    Why aren’t Feinstein, Lanier, Ramsey, and the other members of this illegal conspiracy facing felony charges?

    Isn’t selective enforcement of the laws a textbook definition of tyranny?

    The Best Example Yet of ?Better Than You? Gun Control Hypocrisy
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    I have to say opsspec, you are are getting better at citing your sources. Keep it up.

    Good article. I hope that someone has the intestinal fortitude to either go after Feinstein, Washington DC cops, Lanier, or Ramsey, OR better yet, remove all this gun control/people control bull scheisse in the first place.
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