Former Obama Official Warns Americans ‘Back Off’ Opposition To Obamacare
by BMartin1776
I’m not going to “back-off” from speaking my mind and exposing this nightmare called Obamacare which IS destroying the US economy and healthcare system.
This is a subtle yet direct warning from former imperial regime Director of Domestic Policy Council Melody Barnes. But IMO this is right in line with the regime “shoving” us to comply. Time after time it is the socialists and members of the imperial regime that use this type of language. I would have a shred of respect for them if they would take the mask out and just say “obey” “comply” instead of the word play. They are smart they know they can’t take the masks off until they have enough hooked on their “drugs” of entitlement and dependency to be more direct.

Former Obama Official Warns Americans ?Back Off? Opposition To Obamacare | Saving the Republic: Video News & Opinion