Here’s some info concerning Obamacare and Obamas Navigators.
Obamacare Webb Site:
The Obamacare Webb site cost us over $400 million
It’s based on 10 year old technology, think about this with technology that grows by leaps and bounds every day, to use technology that old is not only ridiculous, but down right idiotic.
The Government Accounting Office (GAO) informed the Whitehouse 6 months prior to its start that it wasn’t ready for use.
The Obamacare contract was given to CGI a company in Canada of all places and this very same company was fired from a prior contract which was identical to the one Washington hired them to do. Question, are you telling me that there aren’t any companies in AMERICA that could do the program and isn’t it one of Obama’s goals to hire American companies first to create jobs?
They receive no back ground checks prior to being a navigator.
You can be one even if;
You are an illegal alien.
Have a bankruptcy.
Have an arrest record.
Have a restraining order against you.
Now don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy better knowing that Obama is looking out for you?