FedEx is going to run themselves out of business!
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Thread: FedEx is going to run themselves out of business!

  1. FedEx is going to run themselves out of business!

    I've been ordering a lot of stuff for my house and whatnot off the internet lately and I've realized that FedEx is the absolute worst option possible. I prefer priority mail because it's cheapest and gets there in 3 days usually. UPS is pretty quick but they have gotten a little pricey lately. They're reasonable for large packages but little ones are still super expensive. But FedEx...holy crap! I've ordered at least 5 or 6 things that have gone FedEx and every single one took close to 2 weeks to get here. I've got one that started last Tuesday and it's expected delivery date is this Friday. Their integration with USPS has made it even worse because it takes forever to get to your town, then you have to wait for them to do the transition to the regular mail, which adds another day or 2. Just my rant of the day.

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    UPS also uses USPS. (esp on small items and rural destinations) I live in the country and most UPS shipments I get go through the USPS.

    FedEx is made up of several divisions. They also employ independent contractors. (I used to be one). If you order anything FedEx "Ground" you can expect it to take a couple of weeks to arrive.

    I rarely ever ship anything UPS or FedEx anymore. Most of my stuff just goes 1st class or Priority mail. It is cheaper in most cases and the service is pretty good. The only time I will use UPS or FedEx now is when I have something large, expensive or fragile that needs a more "specialized" shipping option.

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    In my area, the FedEx delivery is an independent contractor. I mentioned to him my frustration. This guy gave me his personal contact information and said, if you are ever expecting a package, contact me, and I'll make arrangements for you to get it. I had several situations where the company FedEx delivery guy wouldn't leave the package at the door even when I called and said it was OK.

    Other than that one guy, in my opinion, FedEx is beyond useless. I have had great success with receiving packages through UPS, but more my money, I would still use the USPS.
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  5. Sometimes a package comes from the shipper with a"signature required" couriers cannot leave that package even if you said it was ok.

  6. Is it possible to call in mid shipment and have them leave it at my local sorting facility so I don't have to wait for it to go through the mail? I'd rather just go pick it up at FedEx myself.

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    A lot of stuff I order comes via FedEx, typically 2-day shipping (Amazon Prime) and nothing has failed to arrive in 2 days, and have even been stunned as about 20% comes in 1 day.

    Small stuff is often FedEx'ed to the post office then delivered with the regular mail, still in 2 days.

    UPS left a case of 9mm ammo by my front door sometime today, ordered less than a week ago.
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    I've never had a problem with FedEx, and they still ship firearms, which the others don't do.
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  9. FedEx is going to run themselves out of business!

    Here's yet another reason I'm frustrated with them. I ordered me some belts from 5.11. They've taken forever to get here but the tracking finally showed that they arrived in my town so I thought "sweet, I'll actually get them a few days sooner than it said", because I know FedEx delivers on Saturday. But apparently there are 2 types of FedEx ground delivery because it says "On FedEx vehicle for delivery: Scheduled for delivery next business day". What the hell is this all about? Why no Saturday delivery?!

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  10. Just had an over night from someone and it was supposed to be here on Friday the 8th. Well, the plane had a problem, so they said, and now it won't be here until Monday. You think because it was overnight shipping, they would put it on a truck for Saturday, but no they won't. It was do able too. Their mistake and I get punished. This package needs a signature and I am away until the 15th, so they will just hold it until then. Fedex sucks.
    Post office is not much better, 2 day delivery expands out to 3 days. I don't know why they make these promises they can't keep. Just poor service.

  11. I've always had good luck with USPS but then again I only do priority mail. My only issue with USPS is that they take just about every damn Monday off. Like today being Veterans Day. I respect the holiday and I respect our soldiers, past, present and future. But how exactly are we paying respect to our soldiers by not offering certain services? "Thanks for risking your life to serve our country. In order to show my respect, I'm gonna take the day off of work (paid of course) and sit my ass at home so you can't go to the bank, receive your mail and whatever else you might want to do today."

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