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    The real threat is the "Wi-Fi Enabled" credit cards and especially debit cards. Those are the ones that the card doesn't have to be scanned through the reader, just passed nearby. Besides being easy targets for thieves with wifi scanners, I wonder if there are "others" tracking your movements. There is a company that sells sleeves for wifi enabled cards to block them. Of course, a little piece of aluminum foil will block them also--I've tested it. Then I went to the bank (Chase) and requested a new debit card without Wifi. It was no problem. A week later, I had a no-wifi card. You can tell if you have one, just look at the back and see the wifi symbol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by telpinaro View Post
    Nothing new, unfortunately... Already tracked through every rewards program out there. Government could certainly tap in to that whenever it wants.
    The difference is YOU have a choice with a reward program. Your military ID has your personal information, including social security numbers, attached to it and if they mandate swiping your card, you have no choice but to release your personal information into their database.
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