Funny......Sarah Palin Name Generator
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Thread: Funny......Sarah Palin Name Generator

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    Funny......Sarah Palin Name Generator

    Click on the link & type in your real name to find out what it could've been had Sarah Palin birthed you.

    Please don't get all upset...I like S.P. very much, but I question her name choices. This is all in good humor.


    Polit Tsk Tsk Tsk: Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator
    Victory rewards not the army that fires the most rounds, but who is the more accurate shot. ---Unknown

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    By the way, Pascal ends up being......


    Victory rewards not the army that fires the most rounds, but who is the more accurate shot. ---Unknown

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    put in my name.. "Geoff" comes out as
    Goalie Sanka Palin
    lol no thanks.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Mine was vise peeper palin.BS BS

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    Hey, those are funny. Mine's Chin Trout Palin and my kids Luger Otter, Skunk Grunt, and Soup Landmine. Actually, that landmine one fits my youngest pretty well :)

    Her kids names sound like places to me, maybe someplace where something meaningful happened (with the exception of Trig--haven't gotten that placed yet). The track, Bristol Bay, somewhere among the willows, their Piper airplane . . . or maybe she just liked those names because she didn't like being one of the many Sarah's in town growing up and didn't want that to happen to her kids.

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    Mine would be...Puck Mule Palin

    My wife would be...Rust Mustang Palin. It's pretty accurate. That fits my wife perfectly! Glad she doesn't read this forum...
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    I got Knife Pile Palin. That's awesome. I'm going to the courthouse right now.
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    I'm Shank Pistol Palin

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    Buster Taint Palin :suicide2:
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  11. Mine would be:

    Bowl Antler Palin
    "Always at your command"
    "לפקודה תמיד אנחנו"

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