Bill O'Reilly slams Barney Franks
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Thread: Bill O'Reilly slams Barney Franks

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    Bill O'Reilly slams Barney Frank

    Bill slams Frank over the financial crises. I was watching the Factor tonight and I've seen Bill get excited before but this was good!

    Bill O'Reilly | The O'Reilly Factor -
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    Had they been face-to-face, ol' Barney would've smacked Bill with his purse!

    Funny how they cut to commercial after that....probably had to wipe off the lens from Barney's Daffy Duck spittle-fest!
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    Barney has selective memory. Imagine that.
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    I thought it was hilarious...Franks is truly an idiot!

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    It's Barney Frank, not Franks. Anyway, I saw it too, and this is awesome, even for Bill. He really took Frank to task. More people need to be like O'Reilly.

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