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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    He could have at least "re-distributed" some of that my way.....

    Socialist, are we?

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    FOR SALE: Job of President of the USA.

    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    I don't condone breaking the law, but campaign finance restrictions, just like gun control, are unabashedly unconstitutional, and they need to be immediately repealed. Those who favor the restrictions say that the restrictions reduce the influence of money and corruption; if they feel that way, they need to implement those restrictions the proper way, by amending the constitution.

    Furthermore, I am against using taxpayer money to fund the campaigns of presidential candidates. I have a Darwinian view of this; if they can't survive on their own, let them die.
    Ah yes, the young tattedupboy with not much life experience speaks out loudly! He says (in his last paragraph):


    Yes, why in the world would we want a "poor" person in the White House who had lived for 40-50 years like 95% of America does? S/He might want to cut taxes eh? They might understand what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. I was 54 years old before I bought my FIRST new vehicle, the 2002 pickup I drive now which is 6 years old. I know what poor means. But there ARE millions who are lots poorer than I am. More so than the people who buy their kids a new car for their 16th birthday.

    A lot of people probably wouldn't want me in the White House. No work, no eat. One generation and no more welfare in the USofA. No more buying houses that can't be paid for on the wages that they are making.

    Yep, basically that is what we have now, Obama BUYING the Presidency. (at least trying really hard to do it)

    We need to pass a law giving the two candidates $50,000,000 each and there can NOT be any other money spent on campaigning. No using their own money, no using donations.

    Put their history of deeds, both good and bad, on the Internet. Cut off ALL campaigning 3 months BEFORE election day. No more TV about them, no nothing.

    Then America would have 3 full months to get on the Internet, study the info, then vote on vote day.

    All this crap about getting people out to vote. Registered to vote. Hello, anyone home? They've had FOUR years to get registered since the last time we voted. The only reason they are registering now is because some slick talker has told them he is going to take the money from the "rich" people and spread it around to the "poor" people. AND, they BELIEVE that. FOOLS.

    Pass another law: be employed and paying taxes for at least 3 of the last 4 years or you don't get to vote. More than a year on welfare and people become parasites. When you work, then you can carry your head high when you go to vote. You are contributing to the growth of America. When you are on welfare you are taking money that could be going for schools or roads or most anything is better than paying people to be parasites.

    And the old: but they don't want to be on welfare. Well then, give them a broom, tell them to sweep the sidewalks 8 hours a day for minimum wage. Oh, no, that is beneath them. They can't be doing that. What fools we are.

    Unlike welfare, all those parasites do is take take TAKE. Oh, wait, welfare people do buy stuff... using taxpayer money, of course. What fools we who pay taxes are.

    Smile, life is good. For a few more days at least. :)

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