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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Now I have officially seen it all. Let me make this clear. Barack Obama is not a megalomaniac, he does not have plans to rule the world, and he does not plan to kill people by the millions.
    It's not Barack the individual I'm scared of as much as his legions of supporters and the ideology that he represents. Certainly his drones can justify whatever they want, in the name of whatever momentarily reasonable-sounding purposes they can come up with.

    • Shootings or gun-related negligence leads to anti-gun laws, under the guise of making a "safer society".
    • Economic problems lead to government meddling in the economy, because of inevitable market corrections that people can no longer live with.
    • Unpopular opinions (eg, Prop 8 in CA) leads to oppressive, Gestapo-style bullying (gays rioting against the Mormons), or other unjustified outrage over anyone expressing an independent thought or opinion that isn't in line with the mainstream.
    • Natural disasters lead to government enforcing de facto martial law (post-Katrina gun seizures in New Orleans, an anti-gun stronghold), private property invasion, and generally defecating on the rights of citizens, with no regard for anything that the United States is founded upon.
    • Stupidity leads to hand-holding and a lack of political will to tell people to take care of themselves - whether it's people making poor financial decisions and then declaring bankruptcy, or building their house in a known forest fire/flood zone, and then acting surprised when - OMG - it gets destroyed.
    • Practically anything else you can think of that causes the population at large to be more stupid, dim-witted, slow and unable to think for themselves than ever before.
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpbarth View Post
    Well, define the word "megalomaniac." Barack Obama is _ what? - 46, 47 years old. He has already written two autobiographies. Jeez! He hasn't done anything to wite two autobiographies about. And I do believe that he wrote those books fully expecting to become president of the United States. He is the picture of narcissism. He designed his own "presidential seal" and replaced the American flag on his jet with that emblem. He spoke to the EU as if he were already in power, and declared that he was a "citizen of the world." Witness his acceptance speech at the end of the DNC...he set himself up in front of a faux Greek temple. Only thing missing was the olive wreath placed upon his "humble" head. His first press conference after his win, his podium has a sign that says, "Office of the President-Elect."

    And although I wouldn't say he has plans to "rule the world," he will certainly try to bring us to the world table, towards a one-world government. More power to the U.N., more power to NATO, universal laws that other countries will impose upon us. A world court. Something you want? If so, I don't want what you're smoking. Want to see our military tried in a world court? I want the U.N. out of the U.S. - that's what I want!

    And killing people by the millions? Hell, we're already doing that, and he will make it that much easier. He'd have his daughters get an abortion as a method of birth control. Planned Parenthood will murder babies for teen-age girls without parental notification. Abortion on demand will be paid for with our tax dollars.

    I really don't think that most of us are that far off in this assessment. Take off the rose-colored glasses.
    Saddam Hussein, Hitler, and Pol Pot were megalomaniacs. Obama is a far left leaning politician, but he's no Hitler, Pol Pot, or Saddam Hussein. He won't send soldiers to kill people who did not vote for him, he won't kill Jews, and most importantly, he's not Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Saddam Hussein.

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