911 call audio - victim shoots attacker
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Thread: 911 call audio - victim shoots attacker

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    911 call audio - victim shoots attacker

    This is interesting to listen to. It ends in the victim's favor.

    Here's the article to go along with it.

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    I heard this a few weeks back. It is a good thing she was armed and did not wait for the police to save her. She would be dead if she had.
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    This happened earlier this year. It is most definitely a good thing she was armed and capable of protecting herself. While law enforcement does an outstanding job the main problem is they can't be every where at once.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I've never heard anything like it. That would be terrifying even with the ability to defend oneself.

    The article mentioned that a friend loaned her a gun the day before. That is a real friend!

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    well as the saying goes. when seconds count the police are only minutes away. glad she had means to protect herself.
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