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Thread: Funny picture! "you'll shoot your thigh out, kid!"

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    Thumbs down Ted Turner/TBS, A Christmas Story, ALL DAY LONG!

    Used to be that on (W)TBS you could catch a few good [older] flicks: "The Dirty Dozen" or "A Bridge Too Far", but as of today I have taken TBS off my T.V. pre-sets for like EVER, seems they all went home and left that movie 'A Christmas Story' running ALL day long, back to back on a loop of torture. It's prolly playing thru wall mounted hi-powered Bose sound blasters to all the inmates of Git-Mo, and they are prolly fessing up to ObL's exact position (live capture to be on Ted Turner's CNN Headline News this time tomorrow) as each muj quickly breaks under the ultimate psyops hands-off interrogation technique known to the ABC's! Does that station have any idea what it's doing to the [already brainwashed] American public, glued to their sets, munching turkey and watching this spoilt brat kid winge and moan about his frigging psychotic and consuming desires for that frigging 'You'll shoot your eye out kid' BB Gun? I'm off to go see a new movie opening today about another Nazi (just like Ted-T) and his (very real) plot to kill Das Fuehrer, knowing he will end up playing the piano in a very unpleasant and unusual way! It's Christmas Day and Valkyrie here I come!


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    Ted T. plays this on one of his stations every year. Just another reason to despise him.

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    That is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. Not the classic perhaps that It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street is but funny.
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  5. Funny picture

    Toreksha, I don't know what Glock Fan's major malfunction is, but the incident I related is absolutely true. The BB ricocheted off the glass, breaking it. then hit the garage door. I was in pain and went to my knees and hwen my hands went to my glasses, they fell off. As the kid says in the movie, I was mainly concerned that my glasses were broken, that was all I knew. My aunt called my mother, and hte doctor sahe worked for called an eye surgeon. I was taken to the hospital and they were x-raying my head, whie sticking my fingers trying to get blood. The BB had driven a piece of glass into the eyebal, and I apparently knocked it loose when my hands went to my eye. It took six stitches to close the cut made by the glass shard in the eyeball. The pain I felt was from the glass scraping the eyelid, as the eyeball has no pain nerves. I guess I am going to have to put GF on ignore. Of course, someone who will pay $600 for a pistol the Austrian army pays $85 apiece for, well, need I say more? I was shot deliberately, as the kid gun was the best shot in our neighborhood, and always hit what he aimed at.

    Glock Fan, what did I ever do to you? Pardon my french, but you appear to be (cleaned up) a stick with a needle.
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