New Year Resolutions?
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Thread: New Year Resolutions?

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    Question New Year Resolutions?

    With Christmas 2008 behind us, we look forward to the next festive event:
    New Years Day 2009. So I figured I better quit something as I try and (normally) fail miserably every New Year. President-elect BHO may make me give up my guns, but that is not really a bad habit, or something which will make me safer/live longer, although I may spend less on ammo, which will be just enough to make rolling me by any armed BG worth at least taking the $'s out of my bill-fold & my watch, ring(s) or maybe even my life worth their time.
    You could give up your home, job and all your savings, but again with a recession going down hard, that is prolly not on your list of things you want to part with, but may have to if you build/sell U.S.-made autos!
    Don't you love it when the government and/or the economy makes New Year resolutions for you that you better keep? Outsourcing your dreams & livelihood to 3-rd world nations.
    So let me see, something I could hack that is possible to give up and not be too far-fetched.
    1. Give up my nagging wife, nah, did that in 2000 and it cost me a chunk!
    2. Give up my cat, she died of old age in 2007 so I don't need to do that.
    3. Get more exercise, nah, I'm way too old to start every morning with a U.S. Army PT program and no way I'm jumping up & down in Spandex tights for that aging fairy Richard Simmons to some disco oldies.
    4. Give up drinking, 10 years since I did that so no go there.
    5. Give up smoking, now that would save me BIG time but tried that every New Year and failed within a week. Tobacco? Addictive? No way!
    6. Give up paying my taxes, I think I'll stick with smoking more and start-up binge drinking, much safer than p/o-ing the IRS!
    7. I'd love to give up using Windows (all builds) if only there was a better computer operating system available, other than Mac-attacks or Linux. (Sensing a flame coming!)
    All right USA Carry keep 'em clean, make 'em funny or just spill your guts and post what you DO plan on giving up for New Year, like reading my posts that always get verbose, colorful and drag on like some Congressional filibuster on valium. The perfect resolution and so easy to make & keep!

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    boyzoi Guest
    In 2005 I gave up giving up something for New far Im batting a 1000!!
    And Canis.....keep em coming, what the hell woudl we do without the color saturated, loooooooooong winded, sometimes dry witted but always (imo) interesting reads
    Happy New Year......

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    Actually because I am not getting any younger and have not exercised for a while like I used to the thing I plan to do is give up sitting on my butt and start walking/running and weight training again. Also make some changes in my diet. Well at least that's my story and I am sticking to it.
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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    wolfhunter Guest
    I've removed the storage items from my exercise room, and tuned up the bike (new tires & cables). Regimen starts as soon as the head cold ends.

    On a slightly more realistic plan, I'll have a firearm on lay-away continuously until DC stops gun sales. Everytime I pay one off, I'll just start paying for the next one.

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    What's a New Year's Resolution? Does anyone still make those thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdcleanfun View Post
    What's a New Year's Resolution? Does anyone still make those thing?
    Yeah, Whatz her name is asking me that too. I keep telling her, What For?
    Semper Fi

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    I just want a better paying job.
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

    Benjamin Franklin

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    New Year resolution, hmmmm.....................I'll have to get back to you on that one.........
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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    When did the concept of New Year's resolutions start, anyway? Has anyone ever fulfilled a single resolution, ever?
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    It's a long & old story toreskha:
    How to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions - Fun Facts and Figures


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