Pascal's Christmas Report
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    Pascal's Christmas Report

    Hope your Christmas was as merry as mine!

    From the wife:

    Electronic Earmuffs - these are by-far, the coolest invention, ever, for shooting. They have little microphones in each earmuff that allows in, diminishes, or amplifies all sound around you. You can have a normal conversation while wearing them. As soon as you pull the trigger, they shut off, blocking the sound of the shot. They instantly turn back on, with enough time to hear the ricochet.

    25-shot banana magazine for the 10/.22

    4x32 Scope for the 10/.22 - I had to go back and get new rings, since the ones that came with the scope were too small for the rail that came with the gun. It's sighted in a close as you possibly can off a 4-wheeler in 25mph crosswinds.

    My brother asked me what to get...I told him AMMO. Still waiting.

    On a side note: I took my 9000s the day I sighted in the .22. Actually, it's ALWAYS on me, but I decided to shoot it while I was out. In case you've never heard of it, east Arkansas is notorious for the type of soil in the area, most often referred to as "Gumbo". It's a clay-ish soil that swells drastically when wet. It doesn't muddy up, but just turns into a Playdough-like consistency. It sticks to EVERYTHING...feet, tires, etc. Well, turns out, Gumbo is also a GREAT ballistic medium. I recovered a bullet sitting right by the target, on top of the mud. Seems like it hit the mud, carried a clump along, then it just stopped, undamaged at all. Pretty cool.
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    Sounds like you did alright for Christmas. All the years of shooting I have never got around to getting the electronic earmuffs. I have thought about getting some a lot of times but for some reason never got around to doing it. Perhaps this will be the year.
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    Some of you have all the darn luck! Nobody has ever bought me any firearms (or enough money to purchase one, for that matter) or firearms as a gift, either for Christmas, my birthday, or any other day.
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