Track Cars By GPS For Tax Purposes
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Thread: Track Cars By GPS For Tax Purposes

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    Track Cars By GPS For Tax Purposes

    This looks like a true invasion of privacy to me. Oregon wants to start tracking vehicle usage using a GPS so they can tax the miles driven. What other info will they be filing? Maybe you shouldn't stop by that strip joint anymore.

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    not surprised.......Im sure there are a few employers that will jump in too; varify the mileage reimbursements on the expense padding allowed ya know. I have on-star, monthly I get an email report on the cars major functions; transmission, motor, tire pressure etc etc....they can know where I am any time they want to check. of course the positive side is, if I get into a wreck they know and can dispatch EMV, I can call if the car is stollen and they can track it, unlock it if I leave the keys in. the good the bad and the ugly.....typical of todays technology and who uses it.

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    Where's the ACLU when we really do need them? Clearly, Big Brother is alive and well in the mind of Gov. Kulongoski. Also, rather than having the effect of moving people toward fuel efficient vehicles, this plan would actually have the effect of decreasing the demand for driving, causing tax revenues to decrease. Let's hope this plan dies the death it truly deserves.
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    They have talked about that in Texas also. It was on the news about two weeks back.
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