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I have a Yamaha Vstar 1100 classic. I haven't really road it in a couple of years though. I have been nothing but pleased with the bike. i just got a little paranoid after I got married. My life seemed a lot more valuable to me. While I really enjoyed riding, I just got a little chicken I would get run over by a drunk driver.
I am a firm believer that when you get those kind of feelings, it is best to stay off the machine. You have the "Gift of Fear" and have recognized it. Sometimes if I am out on the bike and I know that I am not 100% in my confidence and skill, I go put it up! You have to be 100% while riding..not 90% or 95%, I am talking full blown 100%! Just like defending yourself from a BG, let your guard down just briefly and you could die!

If you decide to get back on, even after a couple of years, enroll in a Motorcycle Rider Course and get not only your "biker legs" back, but get back that defensive instinct and judgement skill needed to ride on the street.