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    A lot of my hobbies include the outdoors. Hiking, mtn. biking, climbing ( trees, no rocks yet ), paintball, camping, minor hunting. I also enjoy photography. I just picked up a nice diggy slr for my wife for Christmas last year, but I still prefer my 35 mm antique Canon AT-1. If I am stuck indoors, I am an xbox live junkie !!!! My forum name is my gamertag.

    Of course, there are more, but that is just the main ones.

    ISHI - I obtained Go from my uncle a few years ago before he passed away from cancer. I never learned to play. Noone here seems to have heard of it. But, it is always something I wanted to do. I have played Othello since I was a lad. From my understanding, it is somewhat similar in nature to Go. Is that true?
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