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One of the news programs, I think it was 20/20 this past week had a program on disasters and why some people survive and others donít. It said that in those types of situations about 10% of the people are able to react in such a way that they are able to survive. It went on to say that most people freeze up because when something happens our brain goes into a kind of search mode trying to find something in our past to tell it how to react and sense most have never experienced anything of that nature our brain has trouble reacting. I think that is why we should start looking at different scenarios and consider what we would do when something like this happens. It is best to have a plan. If we fail to plan we plan to fail. A little training in some type of martial arts would help also. A real life fighting type not the flashy show type. This type of training can teach you how to use what is at hand for effective weapons. While we are on this subject it may be a good time to review the following. I know it has been posted before but it is something we need to think about.
The best training is really just experience that is as realistic as possible. A few real-life encounters with nearly anything will quickly reduce your fear factor to a manageable level.

The "freeze instinct" brings up an interesting point though. Fight or flight is an effective solution - but it's not fight, freeze or flight. A crisis demands a swift choice.