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    I have seen several places offering NRA memberships for $25, instead of the usual $35. Well, I came across an even better deal. I bought an American Handgunner magazine recently, because of a featured article by Massad Ayoob. In the magazine, I came across an offer that featured a membership to the NRA for free. By subscribing to American Cop magazine for one year, you would also receive a membership in the NRA , all for $19.95. Sounds pretty good, eh? Well, hold onto your hat, because it gets better. I went to the website at www.americancopmagazine,com and clicked on the Free NRA offer. You get a one year subscription to American Cop magazine, PLUS a one year membership in the NRA, which includes your choice of another magazine. All of this comes for the unbelievable price of $11.99, that is not a month, or quarterly, but one time payment. That is one dollar a month for two magazines, and a one year membership in the NRA, with all of it's benefits. I like to broke my arm ordering the combo offer. This is a real deal, and one any gun owner shuld jump at.
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    Thanks for posting/sharing that - that's good intel.
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    i can't seem to get the link to work

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