ABC News is Airing a 20/20 Special
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Thread: ABC News is Airing a 20/20 Special

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    Exclamation ABC News is Airing a 20/20 Special

    ABC News 20/20 Magazine is airing a special Friday night April 10, 2k9 at 10 pm edt. "If I only had a Gun" by Diane Sawyer and John Stossel.

    I have seen work both Pro and Anti from ABC News and I am not sure what this is going to be in light of tragities of this last month. I have this feeing it is going to be negative.
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    My money would be on the program being "negative".

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    Stossel would be on the pro side, Sawyer on the anti-gun. John will clean her clock.
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    I agree John... Stossel has a good history of a pro-concealed carry stance. Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to program the DVR now.

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    Politically, John Stossel is "Libertarian". VERY pro Second Amendment

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    Got in "pencilled in" on my calendar! And Stossel will present a good positive line! Gotta watch and save this one!
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    def going to be watching Manufacturers of Tactical Solutions, Kevlar Body Armor Shirts, and Holsters. Follow us on Twitter: Become a Fan on Facebook!

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    Thanks for the heads up! We'll surely be watching it here.

  10. i hope they include the recent somalia pirates into this. its a good example of what happens to hard working unarmed men against lazy pathetic armed thieves.

    im still wondering why the presideant hasnt commented

  11. OK 15min in and it is almost total BS. You have extremely well trained shooters going against mostly untrained people with unfamiliar equipment. And they are on a mission to kill this person.
    Then they keep repeating how well trained the police are. Last time I checked, police only need to qual every few months.......

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