Any Home Theater fanatics here ??
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Thread: Any Home Theater fanatics here ??

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    Any Home Theater fanatics here ??

    Need a little help. I upgraded my 51" CRD HDTV to a 65" DLP. I already know how to do the hookups (it is done). But my question is, what do you use to calibrate your picture ?

    I use the THX optimizer, and it looks decent, but I want it to just stand out. Like when you go to Discovery HD all you say is WOW that looks so lifelike !

    FYI, my living room is mainy darkened (no windows), and if it is lit, it is with a dim low watt bulb.

    So what settings do you use in a darkened room ? Like color, contrast, tint, sharpness, etc.

    Thanks !

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    There is computer software you can purchase for the video N you should have a computer input, both my 47" LCD and my DLP projector have them...
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