For the Judgmental of us....
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Thread: For the Judgmental of us....

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    Talking For the Judgmental of us....

    Bite your tongue and watch this video.... then apologize when Susan Boyle sings for this is one of the best singing voices I have heard in a very long time....
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    I caught this video about a week ago on Yahoo. I too was expecting her to fail, then sat there with my mouth hanging open when she started singing. If some record company doesn't sign her to a contract, it'll be a crime....
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    I loved the expression on the judges. She has a great voice.

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    Homely as a mud fence, but with the voice of an angel. Giver her six odd months with a personal trainer, a makeover, a wardrobe, and none us will recognize her. I hope she gets everything she deserves.

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    When Glenn Beck showed a clip of this yesterday, I was at the gun shop. One of the customers said she has a face for radio, but the voice for it, too.

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    wow... she is dang good! just goes to show you never judge a book by its cover.
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