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I think that Ronwill makes a very astute point. I am pretty much a libertarian at heart, staunch Bill of Rights defender, and believer in personal liberty. "As long as your not hurting someone else, I don't care what you do." is my personal philosophy.

That said, I am totally against torture, or "enhanced interrogation", or whatever of euphemism is applied to this crappy, un-American, this-was-the-crap-that-the-Nazis-and-Japanese-did-not-us-we-were-the-good-guys kind of behavior. Now, I am not trying to discuss my viewpoint on torture (I did that here: http://www.usacarry.com/forums/gener...statement.html). What I am trying to convey is that, just because you two don't agree on the subject, you can still be friends. In fact, it might open up a dialogue that will teach one or both of you something. Personally, I would take him out to lunch and hear him out. Then you could express your viewpoint. You might even change his mind, or your own.

Besides, a friend is a valuable thing, indeed.
1up on that,vary well said