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Thread: same sex question costs beauty queen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Vegas View Post
    Mr. ( or MRS.?) Perez Hilton only asked the question to get himself some publicity for his blog. Good for her for speaking her mind and not giving a scripted PC response. The news spoke as if she just kicked a puppy, " how dare she say that"

    What is this country coming to when you are looked down upon if you disagree with something as sick as same sex marriage??

    I for one think its just plain disgusting!!
    [I]+1. She was set up. She stood her ground on here convictions and it cost her. These left wing liberal perverts always talk a good talk about diversity in oppinions until it is diverse from theirs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    My two favorite veeps were Quayle and Cheney.

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    I'm not of the opinion that this was the most intelligent answer in the world. I don't believe that Ms. Prejean's opinion is terribly considered, it's just what she was raised to believe. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, and her response is courageous knowing that this judge is a liberal homosexual activist and that PC answers win beauty pageants ("...oh, and world peace.").

    There's a much simpler answer: Get marriage out of the law. Record them simply to recognize next-of-kin and such. Give marriage unions no tax preferences or other special treatment other than that "next-of-kin" status.

    If you don't want to recognize a marriage, that's fine. It's your right as an American to believe what you wish.

    And that's the real lesson of Ms. Prejean: She's being demonized for stating her beliefs, even though they aren't politically correct. In this nation, that's crap.

    The real news story here is that the Miss USA pageant is still going on. Who knew?
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    I believe that there are a lot of Americans that were taught and still do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, however they are afraid to say it because it is not politically correct. I saw her on the Today show this morning with Matt and he asked her if she had a second chance, would she say something different, she said no! Good for her, at least someone has the chicklets to say what they believe in and not pretend with all the political BS! We as a country should learn to accept people beliefs as they are, not give her crap for it. I wish there were more people around like that. If someone believes otherwise, they can, that is what this country is about! Unfortunately every day it becomes harder and harder to do so because you might be labeled as the hater or something else. If someone wants to be gay, go for it, but don't try to change this whole country to suit your needs. This country was founded on Christian beliefs way before you or I were here, and that has kept it going for 200+ years. Same goes for people that come from other countries and then complain that the word God is everywhere and it offends them. My opinion on that, you came here, so learn to live with what is here, or leave.If something is offensive to you, don't participate in that, not try to change laws to accommodate you.

    (Rant off)

    The link below has the Today show clip. The clip has the whole story and is about 9:26 long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    It was. She was judged on her verbal elegance and eloquence in answering the question. Not the content of her opinion, but how clearly and concisely she can communicate her opinion.
    I'd have to disagree. As soon as it became apparent that she is against gay marraige, her "eloquence" became a non-factor, as evidenced by the facial expression on Perez's face very early in her answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    Anyone remember Miss South Carolina in the Miss Teen USA 2007 competition?

    A) Came off mouth-breathingly stupid, but also B) gave just a rambling, incoherent response. this is the same scenario. Only difference is that the content of the question and answer featured the political hot potatoe of gay marriage.
    Wow, not even close! Miss CA was at least able to convey a point. I still don't know what the hell Miss SC was trying to say.

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    Well, I wonder if he would have given her the SAME score if she had been gay and had talked about gays? We will never know that, but it seems hard to believe he would have called her a dumb B*t*ch if she had given such an answer.

    I think it was a LOT better when it was gays stayed in the closet. I have nothing against gays, but looking at nature and animals, I would have to say being gay isn't natural. But gays want to cram it down the rest of the people of the USA that they are "normal" and "deserve" the same rights as someone who isn't gay.

    Forty or fifty years ago, when I was a kid, it was common to hear "Wow, you are a gay little boy/girl today aren't you!" meaning happy.

    Today gay means you are a queer. How we change the meanings of words. But gays don't seem to like to be called queers.

    I have to agree, we just need to have contracts between people. The word marriage was about men and women. Let's let the gays come up with their "own" word for "their" contract. Leave the word "marriage" for use by a "man and a woman".

    I guess this wasn't a very PC post. Ooops.


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    I know where there was a men's clothing store run by Mr. Gay for many years called Gay Clothing. In fact he started it in the late 40's and supported his family well with it. He finally had to close it down in the 70's because the queers wanted to be called gay and who would be caught in a store called Gay Clothing even though most people knew better. His old cutomers continued doing business with him but as they died out the new ones wouldn't even set foot inside.

    Almost everytime I hear the word gay used to describe queers I think of Mr. Gay and cuss.

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    What exactly is Perez Hilton "famous" for and who in their right mind would give him the power to be a judge of anything.
    The fact that he went on his blog and said such things whether he apologized or not should disqualify him from judging again.
    This is only MY OPINION.

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