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Thread: Do YOU know where the USA is on a world map?

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    20/20. I had a hard time seeing some of the numbers. I knew where Israel was but took forever to see the number 1...
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    19/20. Missed the religion question.

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    I missed 4. 3 of them were because I couldn't make out the numbers on my phone but I knew where the countries were. The religion question also got me. It is sad that most people my age don't know this. They were fairly easy questions.

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    so some people in europe don't even know what currency they use.. and only 97 percent of people in mexico know where mexico is... but even worse.. only 89 percent of people in the usa know where usa is...
    I missed the religion question too...
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    I scored 20 / 20 but also had trouble reading the little numbers--I'm glad it wasn't timed.
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