And you thought Star Trek technobabble was impenetrable.
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Thread: And you thought Star Trek technobabble was impenetrable.

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    And you thought Star Trek technobabble was impenetrable.

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    Well done, was that a SNL skit or something like that?
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    I believe that this came out of the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and the Chrysler training institute (Mo-Tech) in Lavonia.
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    Would you Mopar types please list and define the technical terms for those like me that are Chrysler deficient?

    (Thanks, that was great!)
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    "Parts is parts"
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    This was well done. I am a mechanical engineer, and caught enough actual true lingo to have me wondering whether I was techno-deficient or something. Some of what was said was actually true, but the majority was gibberish. Kudos to them for getting me to check!

    Very well done.

    I didn't save the other checks but here is the last one I checked on:
    Turboencabulator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    From Rockwell:

    Retro Encabulator
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    These are both TOO funny!!!

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    I am glad they cleared that up for me.
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    Yeah Defiantly SNL stuff...

    What he has there is a tranny off a K car, a ECM and a and IM.... from their 3L V6
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    I wonder if my CCW covers this. If so... I want one

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