How real is YOUR threat?
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Thread: How real is YOUR threat?

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    How real is YOUR threat?

    Witnesses said they heard two shots around 1pm yesterday in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant and police found the body of a man sitting behind the wheel of his Taurus with the window shattered. Drug deal gone bad? Robbery? Random act of violence? Don’t know yet. Commonplace? … Just another day in paradise! Didn’t even make “today’s news” in the paper.

    The location was just ¼ mile from my front door and I live in a well heeled community not some urban ghetto. It takes a bit to realize that I live in one of the most prized and beautiful areas on earth blessed with some of the wealthiest and famous residents and yet we’ve consistently made the top 10 list of America’s most dangerous places.

    I keep my Police scanner nearby because at night, I like to be able to flip it on to try to figure out why the helicopter is circling overhead with spotlights shinning, sometimes sweeping across the backyard. That can often be entertainment several nights a week. So many would think about big locks and big dogs, but we actually sleep with the back doors open protected only by a screen many nights because “in the odds”, we see ourselves as not really in the truly high risk. Why? Because our gated community is fenced the entire way around so it is not conducive for the bad guys to come here when there are much more open areas around us. When you are running from a helicopter, fence bad … open area good.

    Of course my 9mm is within reach.

    When we go out, I put my .380 in my pocket because carrying a big gun IWB is a pain in shorts and shirt and I try to avoid the places where bad stuff is most likely to happen. But you just don’t know… an 82 year old woman was attacked in the parking lot of Olive Garden, two people on bikes were shot riding down the street, plus the guy in the Taurus … and that was all YESTERDAY … all within five miles. Of course, now it is just routine. We go about our business and avoid the “shooting gallery” and as a rule it avoids us because truthfully most of it is gang or drug wars going bad, but as the economy continues to slide so does the “where” it is likely to happen. So how real is MY threat? You see my location is South Florida.

    I see a lot of locations here from cities to the wide open spaces. If you live in a town of 500 where you know everyone you see on the street, I figure you have to be less worried that they may draw on you and demand money at any moment … but that may not be the case. How many shooting have occurred in your scope of existence recently? How safe do you feel where you live? How real is YOUR threat?

    I’d be interested to hear.

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    I live in a rural area. I have enough land to do what I want when I want. However, crime has moved into small communities and in rural areas. Small population areas are becoming prime targets for dirtbags. I carry/have a firearm within reach 24-7. I open carry on my land every time I walk outside. Chances are that I'll never be a victim here but as long as there is a chance I'll always be ready...just in case.
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    I live in Hanahan, a suburb outside of the city of North Charleston, which is way up there on the worst crime cities in America: City Crime Rankings by Population Group. I live in an older neighborhood where 50% of the residents are retired. Yet, crime seems to be creeping closer and closer everyday.

    Let's put it this way, last year my wife didn't like me to have any gun nearby at night time. She wanted them all locked up (we have a 5 yr old in the house). Since taking my CWP class in January, she's gone from "no guns unlocked" to "I think I want to get my CWP too". Not necessarily because the shootings are within 2 miles (more like 3-5 miles in a less than desirable neighborhood), but more because of the crazies walking into churches and nursing homes and AA meetings lighting up the place. We don't go to the North Charleston Mall after dark.

    In my house... the threat is low.
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    I always OC in my yard, and CC when away... nuff said....
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    Not overly bad here, I live in the Ozarks in South Central Missouri. There *is* crime here, but it's seldom violent. What prompted the wife and I to get our CCW's was that for awhile, there was a "drug house" being rented in our neighborhood, which lead to some scumbags frequenting our otherwise peaceful neighborhood. Thankfully, local LE solved that problem by imprisoning the dealers, and the dirtbags had to find somewhere else to go.

    Nonetheless, I still CCW almost all the time, and if I'm out in the boonies and I hear banjos - I'm drawing and getting ready to sling some lead
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    I live in Seattle. That being said, I am armed from the time i get up to the time i go to bed at night. I leave nothing to chance. Even while being outside in the yard. Better to be prepared and not need it rather than being un-prepared and can't get to it. I always exercise what is guaranteed to me under the 2nd amendment ether by open carry or concealed carry whenever I just go out for a walk. Also carry 2 extra mags.
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    I live near General Sumter in Charleston SC. I have never been in a situation where I felt I needed a gun. However, I know that the threat is out there. I think the more law abiding citizens we have that carry the better. This is a great place to live and I'd like to keep it that way.

    I will however, keep my eye on General Sumter and his buddies. They seem suspicious to me :-)

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    I live in Detroit, MI and carry the same here as when I am on the family homestead far far from the big city. Always ready never worried.

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    Has anyone seen The Truman Show? It was filmed in Ft. Mitchell KY. On a serious note.. its a peacefull town. We've hade our share of crime like drug raids, pornography studios and such but thats over the last 20 yrs. I think the biggest thing that happened and it made national news I remember seeing it on the Colorado news station in Aspen when it happened was when Thsese two girls were stabbed because the one was pretending to be pregnant and tried to steal the otherone's unborn child. That happened at the top of my street (at the time). Other than that... Like I said it's Mayberry.

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    I live in Memphis.
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