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Thread: Where did your user name come from?

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    After all the miles of mt. biking I have laid down, I have buried the rear derailer in the spokes more times than I have had a flat tire. One of the youger guys started calling me that. A derailer ain't a sprocket, but oh well.

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    My name and the date I married my beautiful wife.

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    Mine came from the very first semi pistol i ever bought, been in love with them since growing up with all the WW2 movies as a kid. In a movei about WW2, can't remember the title but the quote goes something like this:

    "Well if your going out to scout, better get yourself a .45. Better then that pee shooter carbine you got for up close." Hooked from the age of 10.......

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    Pronounce it three letters at a time and you get my initials.

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    After all this, I remain just me. not a hero but I did my share in a 20 yr military career as a combat pilot. I have no pretentions, so I just use my name. :)

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    The shotgun is my favorite weapon, and my name is Will

  8. Mine is because of where I live, n(in) Ga. I actually live in southwest Ga but EricnSowega is a little long.

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    Where did my user name come from? Gee, let me think.....
    .........Oh, it just came to me out of the blue.

  10. My other hobby high power rocketry

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    I was a musician for many years and I got pulled over on the way to a gig! I was arrested on a failure to appear warrant for a traffic ticket i never received. i called the bar where my band was playing and my band mates came and got me out. when we got to the bar the bartender (as a joke) had put a big jar on the bar with a sign that said free county bob! we made more on that jar than we were paid that night. the name has been with me ever since.

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