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Thread: Where did your user name come from?

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    I really don't know what my name means.
    The Avatar is my Great-Great Grandaddy, CPL Samuel Francis Bondurant, Co. D, 4th Alabama, Law's Brigade, Benning's Division, 1st Corp, Army of Northern Virginia, shot through right thigh 2 JUL 1863.

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    My nickname (basically initials of my first and last name). Friends call me that in different variations: CC (most common), Ceicei, C2, SeeSea, etc.

    - Ceicei

  4. BSC = initials -- in AR =location -- easy to remember

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    The name of my old Harley shop in California.
    Top Hog

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    Former Marine (Devildog) + First Name (Dave) + My Marine MOS (0331)

  7. harleybass47 is harley what i ride bass guitar what i play 47 the year i was born

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    2beararms was an online firearms & sporting goods shop which I had to close up due to business reasons here. I still hold all of the domain names, phone numbers, etc and the whole shootin match is for sale cheap if your interested ... you can see what the original looked like at www.2beararms.com if you have an interest. Contact info is at the site.

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    Its my company name..... I use a diffrent name on most forums. SgtUSMC8541 in case you see it out there. (my rank, my service, my job in servce)
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    Mine from a pistol that my Grandfather left me. He carried it in his pocket for many years and it is still in goos shape but I rarely fire it any more.

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    My son got the nick name Muf at camp one year, because he carried one suit case of clothes, and one full of muffins lol................ so after that I was known by all his friends as Mufs dad.............. so when it came time for a screen name MufDady came to be lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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