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Thread: Where did your user name come from?

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    Apr 2008
    I was echo_5, former Marine Sgt.

    Now, I'm whiskey.

    Legalize Freedom!

    building an AR on my blog

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    mississippi gulf coast
    i'm the proud owner of a 1973 z28 camaro with a bb 454 under the hood. thus my user id. if i knew how to post a pic i would

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    I do alot of uspsa shooting and steel plates competitions. 24 comes from the number I always had when I played hockey

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    Cajun Land
    My Favorite Gun and My Favorite type of Music!!!
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    It's my name. i guess i don't really understand this whole forum thing enough yet.

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    Used to be a professional photographer. My favorite print film was Kodak's Ektar 25 . . . an ultra-fine grained ASA 25 film. When the time came (15 years ago??) to dig for a screenname I tried to use Ektar, but it was bounced because it was a trademarked word. I just added another "R". Now I find others have co-opted the name and I'm not the only "Ektarr" out there... Bastids!!
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    Last name is Felder....But they called me Feldon all through high-school....and 2 is my favorite number......

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    My initials and the state I live in MAD in Missouri.

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    My SN has had a long progression. Starting from high school my friends and I counted time by the number of CD tracks that played as we drove. My friend made the comment that it took him six tracks to get to my house. He said it was like six tracks to nowhere. I changed it to Six Tracks From Nowhere. As I've gotten into more forums and messaging services online, I shortened it to sixtracksfn. It has since gone under another transformation as I begin my freelance video and audio work, which I use SixTracks Productions for.
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    user name??

    I use to have a black 79 corvette with an L82 motor.
    Corvettes, form years 68 to 82, were called SHARKS.

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