2 Gunmen Beaten!
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Thread: 2 Gunmen Beaten!

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    2 Gunmen Beaten!

    Had to drop this on ya' before you see it in the news.

    This morning just before 0200, 3 men, including one with a pistol, busted in the door on a guy in his apartment here in Huntsville, AL. Subsequently, the victim took the gun and beat two of the assailants to the ground. The 3rd guy ran. The victim held the bad guys on the floor till Cops arrived. They were beaten so badly that they had to be entered into the Alabama Trauma System! Way to go dude!n This was my call and the LEO's told me that this was an apparent "assassination" attempt. +1 for the good guy.
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    wow, awesome news, another one for the good guys!

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    Illegal gun off the street - $50
    Ski mask - $5.99
    Getting beat down with your own gun - priceless

    Post a link to the news story when it's printed. Always love reading a story with a happy ending.
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