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    I speak up ALL the time. All it gets me is dirty looks. But I sure feel better. When I'm on the road I can't help hitting a fast food drive through now and then. I can never figure why the heck they put the person on the speaker who has the WORST English in the place. It's hard enough to understand what they are saying to begin with. So when they say "What would you like?" I say "Someone who speaks English."

    Why are hospitals the worst offenders? The illegals get free medical, so they need employees who can communicate with them. I had my 94 year old mother in a very large teaching hospital for her check up. She's in great shape other than her knees are shot, so she lets me push her in a wheel chair to save time.

    I got her to the check in desk, and all of a sudden I feel like I'm south of the border. and they start with the barrage of questions. They should know her name by now, and that nothing ever changes in her bio. finally the RN behind the desk says to me, "Does she need an interpreter? so I said "Yes." The woman asks, "What language does she speak?" and I said "English."

    I got dirty looks from the staff AND my mom.

    Next visit I'll wear my Border guard hat.
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    Yu lai wun gai whoo go speekee Engrish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Yu lai wun gai whoo go speekee Engrish?

    lmao. that's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Yu lai wun gai whoo go speekee Engrish?

    pull her green card and send her home.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daugherty16 View Post
    To think we would see a time, in this great nation, where a person would be deprived of their right of free speech - for the treasonous act of displaying the Stars 'n' Stripes - is beyond my belief. Political Correctness is loosely defined as a majority, making adjustment, change or accomodation so as to avoid alienating or offending a minority. That is the First Amendment in REVERSE!

    The first amendment is not intended to protect your right to say something popular, or inoffensive, though it certainly does that. It protects instead, your right to say things that are different, even outrageous, offensive. Its roots are found in the colonialists fear of speaking out against the King, for fear the Dragoons would take them and their entire family away in the dark of night.

    The link is that, no matter who is offended by the flag, too bad. Every single one of us has the right to speak our minds, wear the clothes we want, display the flag. If we cross the line - say slanderous things or foment a riot - we can be appropriately handled within the law.

    I'm glad she got her flag back up. I'm going to wear my stars/stripes tie tomorrow to celebrate. If anyone tells me it's offensive, i will wave it at them so they get a good look. Then tell them to get with the program or get out of the country.
    this reminds me of a wise and sage saying, wish i knew who to attribute it to."everything that is popular is not alway's right,and what's alway's right is not alway's popular"

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