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Thread: Disabled Vet told to remove USMC stickers from vehicle

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    I was in the army,,,82nd ABN DIV.. I am a combat veteran,,I have a sticker on my truck .It is a C.I.B. Your more then welcome to take it off,,,But I think you might end up getting your ass kick..

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    Arrow Yeah, you have no idea, man.....

    Quote Originally Posted by ArtyJarhead View Post
    thanks for correcting my error in judgment. i did not know it took that much training to be a POS.
    I hear that Blackwater will be starting a new class specifically for HOA POS presidents. It will combine two intensive, combat specific mission requirements: How to dial 911 for help while having your ***** kicked by an irate retired Marine. Apparently the class will take approximately three weeks. One week will be the training, two weeks for recovery after the test.

    The best part is that it will be free for the POS's in question. All costs are being paid for by the Association of Retired Marines, with one caveat: they get to administer the final exam.
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    Yep, they'd have to kick my ass before I removed them. I would dare anyone to tow my vehicle. They let the cars with Obama Stickers get away with it, but the Marine has to take his decals off. No way, Bub. Sounds to me like some lib or anti-war protester is complaining. The Home Owners Assn would literally have to kick my ass to do it.
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    I had the unfortunate experience of moving into a town-home community a few years back that had a HOA. In South Florida, we call the members "condo commandos," and they think that they are empowered to rule their little feifdom with an iron fist. I wasn't even allowed to fly an American flag from my balcony. I got into it with them so many times that I started to attend all of their meeting and attempted to run for a vacant board seat, which really pissed them off. I had a shed on my patio that one member could barely see from the road, and I was told to remove it. I found 3 board members who had sheds bigger than mine and stated that I would remove mine when theirs went away. I installed a new expensive front door on my townhouse and was told that it didn't conform to the "standards." I found several other board members with doors more lavish than mine - they dropped the request.

    I will never again live in ANY community that has a HOA. Athough I don't like neighbors who do auto repair in their driveway, maintain a junkyard in front of their house, or paint their home panther-piss green, I will find a decent neighborhood to live in and live peacefully doing my own thing, and asking to be left alone.

    This Marine should start by going through his neighborhood and listing ANYONE who has a bumper sticker on their vehicle. I'll lay you odds that at least one of the board members will be on that list. Go from there. I'm real good at choking people with their own rules. He should do the same.
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    Just from reading all of this, seems to me that the Pres. of the condo's basically has a problem with this Marine. To remove sticker/s from a vehicle termed advertisments? You got to be kidding. There are advertisments on everthing on that property from little stickers to signs and to ask/have someone told they have to remove their sticker from a car needs their head checked, or better yet removed from the board! I suppose you cannot even fly the American flag either? Leave the sticker/s on and tell the Pres. to go &&*k himself! I know I would.
    The Dumbing of America, perfect example.
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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    the roman empire was the longest running democracy government. 300 years i think. our country is just about there. this is BS. and just another reason why our nation is going down the crapper. i thank each and every vetran for their service.

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    I'll always have my EGA on my ride.
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    i am a army vet and have all kinds of army stickers on my car. i dare anyone to try and tow it or remove a single one!!!!!!

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    HOA backed down...

    METRO COLUMNISTS Blog | The Dallas Morning News

    It looks like he HOA backed down way back in June...

    Lake Highlands HOA retreats on disabled vet's decals
    9:04 PM Wed, Jun 24, 2009 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
    James Ragland/Columnist Bio | E-mail | News tips

    A Lake Highlands homeowners association is backing down from a fight it picked with a retired Marine.
    "This has all been blown way out of proportion," Darenda Hardy, president of the Woodlands on the Creek II HOA in northeast Dallas, said Wednesday. "I'm not anti-Marine and I"m not anti-military."
    Hardy (pictured at right, courtesy of my handy cam-phone) sent ex-Marine and U.S. Coast Guard veteran Frank Larison a letter in late May threatening to tow his car if he didn't cover up or remove the military stickers and decals displayed on the rear window of his black 2008 Chevy HHR.
    The national media attention caused a major backlash for Hardy, who left town shortly after sending Larison the letter and hadn't been available for comment since.
    "I was in Tyler fishing," Hardy said, chuckling, "and someone called and told me. I thought it'd all blow over by now, but it didn't."

    An attorney for Larison showed up at her condo Wednesday with a TV reporter. The attorney handed her a letter, she said, that alluded to a May 29 letter he'd sent telling the HOA basically to cease and desist from threatening to tow Larison's car.
    "I haven't even seen the first letter," Hardy said, saying she was given five days to respond. She said she'd confer with the HOA's other four directors and figure out how to proceed.
    But she said she's already made up her mind that the HOA board that she's led since 2000 needs to review and clarify a covenant that disallows "any kind of writing" or "business advertising" on cars.
    "Afther all the hooplas, we just decided to review it," she said.
    Asked why the rule banning "advertising" stickers and decals was put on the books in the first place, Hardy said that it was aimed at curbing unsightly stickers.
    "We've got some people who used to have inappropriate things on their car, like 'Hot Mama" and 'I Love Tattoos' and things like that."
    And if Larison didn't have "seven or eight" stickers on his car, she said, his decals probably wouldn't have drawn her attention.
    Larison didn't sound too relieved to hear what Hardy had to say.
    "She's changing the thing around now," he said. "The [threatening] letter didn't say how many stickers, it just said I had advertising."
    The flap has caused quite a stir at the 104-unit condo complex.
    "We haven't had a ruckus like this since I've lived here that I know of," said Hardy, who moved into the property right after it was built 27 years ago. "It's B.S., that's what it is."

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    What ever happened to freedom of speech! Nothing was vulgar,no nasty pic's! If no advertisments are allowed then everything from the little emblem on your windows with the companys name on it. To the fence if thats even allowed with the companys name on it along with every thing else need to be removed! Completely!
    Hes a VET! Hes Due the RESPECT HES EARN!
    BUT last I knew we still live in the USA!
    There are worst things happening out there & around us all!

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