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Thread: shooting at the holocaust museum

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    glad your daughter was not harmed in any way.

    And now we are hearing rumblings of how this proves there are right wing terrorists in America. I new that would be comming. This guy did not fit the mold exactly of so called right wing or left wing. If you read his writtings he was a very troubled person that hated everybody including Jews, minorities, and Christians. I am not sure there was anyone he did not hate. Oh yes I also read on one account that he had an "obsession with guns". We new for shure that was comming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    And now we are hearing ... he had an "obsession with guns".

    James von Brunn carried a lifetime of hatred and an aging .22-caliber rifle… the gun was a vintage Winchester rifle manufactured between 1908 and 1928, according to an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case. The gun is too old to be traced to a purchaser, the official said. (More)

    Yeah, sounds like this guy was a real gun enthusiast!

    Whether Von Brunn is obsessed with guns or not really isn't the point. He was/is messed up in the head. He broke the law, worse, he murdered an innocent man.

    In America, he is innocent until proven guilty. So, soon as he recovers from his injuries at the hospital he needs to be given a fair trial. The trial should be based on, “did Von Brunn in fact kill an innocent man?” If the answer is YES, then VON BRUNN needs to pay for HIS crimes.

    At that point it doesn't really matter if he collected guns, or knives, or pink polka-dotted care bear dolls... OR whether or not he was/is messed up in the head. If Von Brunn is guilty of murdering an innocent man, he needs to face a punishment equal to that of the crime he committed. End of story!
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