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  1. Future of our healthcare......

    Montreal couple make it to hospital, but still have to deliver own baby

    Montreal couple make it to hospital, but still have to deliver own baby

    A woman admitted to Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital for an induced birth was forced into a do-it-yourself delivery last month, with only her non-medically trained common-law partner to assist

    Despite attempts to summon help by partner Mark Schouls, who was pushing a nurse-alert button with increasing frequency as Lachapelle's contractions became more intense, the two delivered their new son, Kristophe, entirely on their own.

    Kalina also declared that "finger-pointing, such as disciplinary action, is counter-productive. At best, it will not have any positive effects, and, at worst, it will create an atmosphere where service will decrease. Our concept is to constructively build on the lessons we learn from every given case -- especially the ones that don't go according to script -- to improve service to the patient."
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    more good stuff we have to look forward to here.
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    I don't know what they would have to complain about. They wanted free healthcare, they got free healthcare. You get what you pay for. They paid for nothing, they got nothing. They should be glad they weren't Americans in an American hospital. You know if they had gotten into the waiting room and delivered there and gone home, the hospital would be shagging them down for their insurance information in order to charge them for the full delivery room, staff, and bed charges. Hey, they got to the hospital, the baby was delivered, that merits being charged regardless of the circumstances, right?

    More and more people are starting to turn back to natural home births. It's cheaper by far. Hell, the money saved on the deliveries could pay for the little poop-maker's college education one day. My only objection to that, being from Indiana, is there's a court case here where a father was emprisonned for refusing to "register" his children's births with the state, like the state has a claim on them. If I don't register my guns with the state, what makes them think I would register my children?
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    Whats this i saw on fox news about Obama wanting to add a 20% tax to Vets health care and VA stuff?


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