Yeah I'm looking at the EoTech 511 it's only 379 ( LOL i say only like its no big deal) with Mako x3 Mag both together come to 500. Not bad seeing as a aim point mag is like 500 to 600 and a Eotech mag is 800. Does anyone own a FENIX flashlight? I know Glock does but i have not seen him on here in a while. I want to know about the modes. Can you set it to the mod you want? Or to get to the one you want do you have to push the button till you get to it? I"m thinking about mounting it on a Ar-15 and would like to have it set to the strobe mod so when i push it it strobes. But if you have to keep pushing the button till you get to the mode you want it will do me no good.