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    I think the point is... Carroll took measures to secure his equipment for travel and while in transit UA baggage handlers destroyed the contents of the secured package. UA has some responsibility in the matter, just as Carroll had a responsibility to secure his gear.

    I too travel a great deal with my 614-CE Taylor—and DO NOT check my guitar for fear of this sort of situation. I have done tours internationally and across the UK as well as all over the United States and have never had an issue with my guitar—but, it’s typically in a coat closet inside the cabin and has been handled with care from start to finish!

    I’m guessing Carroll may have learned some lessons and will likely take extra precautions in packing his gear next time. BUT, more than likely those precautions will most definitely include NOT traveling via UA ever again!

    UA should have done more to bring the matter to a healthy conclusion for Carroll as well as for the sake of their own reputation! Not only have they lost Carroll as a customer, they’ve likely lost a whole bunch more by their handling of this matter.
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    TSA locks are usually only placed on containers that are intended for items that are to be sent by air such as luggage, otherwise it is an added expense to the cost of the case.

    Yes I know all an TSA lock is one that has a key override so it can be opened and inspected by a authorized person, but it still adds expense to the end cost and companies interested in the bottom line will not add cost to a product on purpose.

    But there was a time not so long ago that people used plastic trash bags to ship their stuff by air and it would arrive undamaged and whole, not so today, so they are either using new equipment, or they are treating people stuff as roughly as we assume they are.

    Having flown enough times and watching the baggage handlers there is no excuse for rough handling of luggage, even the toss they do is not that abusive and would not damage anything packed in any reasonable manner, a taped cardboard box could easily survive this, and to with such air carriers as FEX EX, UPS, and USPS air.... and they handle mass quantities of items by hand daily.....

    That case with yet a inner case should have been enough to protect what it was designed to. I have seen cases such as these (happened to me) fall out of a unsecured cargo van (idiot forgot to lock the door) at 50+ MPH crash roll and skid across the pavement and yet leave the contents undamaged!!!

    So what does this say as to just what United's monkey crew did to his case??? They beat the living daylights out of it with out regard or just to see what was in it and if it was worth becoming "lost luggage".... Well maybe it was before but it wasn't after they beat it open.....

    I guess my primary point here is the airlines as a whole are hiring a larger number of unskilled labor that often uses their job to supplement their income, yes they have been caught and it makes the news, but only after so many have raised so much noise to they actually investigate and find out their people never ran an background check on the bozo before they hired them, and often have a criminal record.

    AKA Dropped it, whoops, dropped it again, whoops, damn it didn't open slam dropped it again whoops it opened, now I have to inspect it...... and they work in gangs like this..... after all robbery doesn't always happen just in the parking lots....
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