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Here are my statements and concerns.

I studied Islam in college, and I feel that the "Security" in this video and the people at the booth are not acting according to the Koran or to Sharia, which is Islamic Law.

I have had interviews and conversations with many real Muslims, that were very happy to answer my questions and even challenges I presented from differences in faith, from Christianity, to Judaism, to Buddhism. They were very receptive to the "debate" and conversation about different ideals.

I think really what mostly happened in this video above is the over exercising of private security rights, and egos. I think it is more a representation of security and event standards in the US and NOT Islam as a generalization.

My question is... does the advancing crowds of Assault and Battery-ing security guards warrant the brandisihing of a weapon by someone who was being pushed/hit/threatened by the mass of security. Would you consider a threat upon your life or well being?
No in my opinion this situation did not warrant such an act, they all were open handed slaps meant as an insult, but assault none the less, so no gun but call the cops and have them arrested....